Whole Leaf Purple Tea

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Whole Leaf Purple Tea

Purple leaves naturally grow this colour on the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis Assamica).  The reason the leaves are purple, are because they contain the super antioxidant 'Anthocyanin'.  The very same super antioxidant that is also found in blueberries, pomegranates and acai berries. Purple Leaf Tea is also a colour changing tea… squeeze a couple of drops of lemon into your tea cup and watch the colour change to pink.

Health Benefits:  With less caffeine that black, white or green tea, Purple Tea is rich in antioxidants proven to soothe inflammation and combat free radicals in the body.  Research shows that this is the only tea to contain a unique polyphenol that can assist with weight loss, brain health and help fight chronic diseases. Studies have proven that this tea contains cancer fighting properties,   may assist with reducing stress and has the ability to improve memory.  

Tasting Notes: Sweet plum and fresh spring greens.

Makes 25 cups.  Re-steep these whole tea leaves 2-3 times for a minimum 50 cups

Steeping Instructions: 1 teaspoon – 80°C – 2-3 mins.  

Ingredients:  100% Pure Kenyan Purple Tea

Caffeine:  Low

Biodegradable Pouch Contains: 50g of loose leaf tea 




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