Black Leaf Tea

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Black Leaf Tea

Two leaves and a bud are carefully hand-plucked and fully oxidized to create this unique, long leaf black tea.  Pesticide free with no chemicals ever sprayed on the tea leaves.  Beautiful giant tea leaves give you a full, rounded flavour.  Once unfurled, you can see the actual whole leaf that the farmer carefully hand-plucked from their Nandi Hills tea garden.  Wonderfully malty and smooth on its own, this tea should be enjoyed without milk and sugar.

Health Benefits:  Packed with antioxidants and caffeine.  Black tea can increase energy levels, help reduce bad cholesterol and lessen the risk of stroke.  Studies also suggest that drinking tea may improve your gut health, fight inflammation and contain anti-cancer properties.

Tasting Notes:  Walnuts and dark chocolate.

Makes 25 cups. Re-steep these whole tea leaves 2-3 times for a minimum 50 cups

Steeping Instructions: 1 teaspoon – 96°C – 3 mins

Ingredients: Nandi Hills Kenyan Black Tea

Caffeine:  High

Biodegradable Pouch Contains: 50g loose leaf tea




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