About Us

In our quest to find the perfect brew, that's good for you, we found JusTea.  We love the taste and the 'super-powered' antioxidant health benefits of Purple Tea so decided to share this new tea with fellow teaists in New Zealand. 

JusTea is a direct-trade tea partnership with a collective of small-scale Kenyan farmers and our founding company based in Canada where our tea is hand blended and packaged.  By creating a new Fair-Trade Farmer-Direct model, everyone from the hands that plucked the tea to the hands that process and blend the tea... all together helping to create employment and sustainable change, while introducing delicious, high quality tea products to the world. 

You can read more here about how the 'JusTea' journey began.



Our Tea

Our tea comes from the Nandi Hills region in Western Kenya and grows at an elevation of over 2000 metres.  Growing in volcanic soil produces some of the world’s most flavourful tea.  Not only is our tea plucked by hand, it is also processed by hand in a small artisan tea factory in rural Kenya.

Our purple tea has been tested and proven to contain four times more super antioxidants (anthocyanins) than green tea and less than half the amount of caffeine compared to green tea, making our purple tea the healthiest tea on the world market.

Our teas are 100% pesticide free, no chemicals are every sprayed on the leaves.  The herbs in our tea blends are grown by the Women’s Tea Co-op in Eastern Kenya and are certified organic. 

Non-GMO and Rainforest Alliance certified, JusTea is a Fair Trade Federation member.


The 'Whole Leaf' Quality

With rapid growth and year-round cultivation available to Kenyan tea farmers, 95% of Kenyan teas are processed in huge factories and ground up as CTC leaves (Crush, Tear, Curl). This maceration destroys much of the leaf’s natural flavour complexities and depth.  The result is a lower-quality, mass produced tea used as filler in many tea bags found in many a pantry.  

JusTea is dedicated to 'slowing down' the process, maintaining the whole leaf, and producing higher-quality Kenyan teas.  Whole leaf tea allows you to enjoy multiple steeps from every cup and taste the full flavour profile which only whole leaf tea can offer.